Operating Principles

Verifiable Information:

We offer you documents,references,artifacts,etc.to prove our expertise.Not just wordsMatrixhHub Technology Offers documents,references,artifacts and other tangible evidence to verify it sexpertise;we never make unsupported claims.

Cultural Collaboration:

We are experienced in bridging the gaps between different cultures and business traditions. We work with our customers on the basis of respect for their local approaches and business practices while employing the advantages of globalization.

Smart Communication:

You will not feel anytime difference even if you are located on the other side of the globe.Depending on your requirements, complete project and progress information can be available around the clock.

Ingenuity and Professionalism:

Although we base our solutions on sophisticated principles and technologies, they are still easy to use and understand.We know how to make complicated things simple and useful.

Understanding Needs:

To provide satisfactory solution,we first analyze the requirement description.If we discover some missing points, the concerned person of the field will have adiscussion with client and suggest him better option. As we will like togather all the required information about the business like business objectives and other necessary information required for development of project.After getting clear thought of project,we will move forward. We will anticipate challenges with our highly qualified and experienced teamm embers.Client defines the task and gives the initial information for the project.Company project manager will ask additional questions to clarify the work to be done.


The actual work on an offshore web development of e-commerce software development project includes several simultane ous processes.Client is provided with the capability to control the progress on each of the activities at any development stage.The MatrixhHub Technology-prototype originally shown to clientis step-by-step replaced by a full-scale solution.The processes are:

Business Model:

"A business model of any businessis an idea or concept for making money profitably". It is concept for transformation of inputs into value adding outputs. MatrixhHub Technology is IT solution providing company and follows various strategies,trading practices,operational processes and policies that consists perfect business model to facilitate off shore customer

Project-based solutions:

MatrixhHub Technology provides a full range of Information & Technology solutions on project basis-tailoring the level of support to your specific needs.We used to provide technical assistance and advice, Create and recommend a solution,Develop a practical implementation plan for offshore IT projects.Our skilled project manager use to over see the project with his team. We build our team with experienced IT professionls who have not only sound business and strategic skills,but extensive implementation and project-management experience as well.Many of our affiliates have managed larges cale,global out sourcing project swith complex time and get parameters.