By MatrixHub Technology Posted 15/11/2015

Benefits of having Google business listing

How many of you are aware that your next customer is just a click away? You will be surprised to hear that it is very much in our hands to increase the probability of attracting the next potential customer through website. Again, if the business entity is local in nature, it is quite possible to appear in the first page of search engine results. Completely lost is the crowd? MatrixHub Technology, a leading website designer in Pune, explains the knacks of gaining an alternative avenue in digital marketing.

By MatrixHub Technology Posted 08/11/2015

How to use social media as a promotion tool

It is an irrefutable fact that social media has become inseparable in most of our lives. Utilizing this powerful platform as a promotion tool for your business is indeed a wise idea to reach the audience in a larger way. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ are some of the famous social media platform where people can mark their business presence and can garner interest and new customers. With plethora of tools available for all categories of social media, marketing campaigns can be easily initiated and handled. For instance, open a Face book page for your business and share it, or alternatively tweet about your new products and provide a link. As a professional web designer firm in Pune, we know the intricacies to use a social media for marketing your product or service. Let us share it with you.

By MatrixHub Technology Posted 01/04/2015

6 Golden tips to get more leads for your business

What is the secret of a successful and flourishing business? Any outright and straight forward answer may not be the solution for all types of business. But one success strategy that is common for all types of business is to get leads and convert them to realize the potential growth.

By MatrixHub Technology Posted 26/10/2015

9 reasons why your business should have responsive website

Recently, the Indian operations unit of an IT giant had released a stunning fact – the internet searches through the smart phones have surpassed that of desktops, its big brother. It is quite natural for few questions to arise in the mind. How does it matter? What it has to do with the website design? Well, it matters a lot. Any adaptive or static web page provides very poor UX as they lack the capacity to adjust according to the device size. What is the solution? Welcome to Responsive website design.

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