9 reasons why your business should have responsive website

Recently, the Indian operations unit of an IT giant had released a stunning fact – the internet searches through the smart phones have surpassed that of desktops, its big brother. It is quite natural for few questions to arise in the mind. How does it matter? What it has to do with the website design? Well, it matters a lot. Any adaptive or static web page provides very poor UX as they lack the capacity to adjust according to the device size. What is the solution? Welcome to Responsive website design. 

When designing a website, usually paramount importance is given to the user interface. But in the present day scenario, with accessing of internet has become so easy, it is an absolute essentially for the website of your organization to be easily accessed in any device. A responsive website design ensures it by rendering the same user experience for a website irrespective of the device size. It is not about being mobile or tablet friendly, responsive design is more about compatibility across any device without compromising the user experience. MatrixHub Technology, one of the best web designing company in Pune, enumerates the importance of having a responsive website.

Have the upper hand

In this competitive world, it is not just sufficient for your product or service is of high quality. If your website is not easily accessible for information in other devices like mobile or tablet, it is very common for the visitors to look out for competitor’s website for similar product or service. It is quite simple… If competitors of your business have it, you too should have it.


To Increase website traffic

If you are marketing or intending to market your services or product through social media marketing platform, then it is high time for the need for a responsive website. Why? The number of people accessing social media through mobile or tablet has increased manifold. Though the marketing strategy is right, what if the website is not responsive even after creating an interest in your product? The potential customer is lost…


Transform visitors into customers

People are always on move. Instant access and a great user friendly experience along with fast loading of website in a mobile device turns the visitors into life time customers.


Sustain the brand image

So much of hard work would have been put behind developing a brand image of your business. After enjoying so much loyalty from customers, if your website is not responsive, a negative impact is bound to be created among existing customers and also with new customers. Creating a reputation is quite a big task than selling your product or service, as this reflects the trust the customers have on you.


More conversions

A website, no matter from which device it is viewed, will make the users happy if it provides ultimate user experiences like faster loading and easy navigation. This automatically enables the visitors to develop trust with the company which further leads to more conversions.


Always future ready

A responsive website design with a single URL facilitates the size and resolution to easily fit in the screen size of any Smartphone device. So it is not only useful for current devices, but is also ready to face future technology.


A boon for local searches

A recent study says people mostly search through hand held devices for the products or services in a selected area. On local searches, if they could find your website on mobile, higher chances of reaching your store is ensured. If you feel local search will enhance your business growth, make your online presence through a responsive website for more conversions.


Easy to maintain

If a website is responsive, managing the website becomes easy. Any changes or upgrading are done at one place and it is automatically reflected in the all the devices from where it is viewed. A lot of time and money is saved. 


Responsive websites is a must

Yes responsive websites are not an option anymore. It is a must. If you have a business – have a website. If you have a website - make it responsive. No second thoughts. The mobile device users are your key business customers. Still most of the organizations have not started using it. So be ahead of the competitors. 


After considering the merits of having a responsive website, it makes sense to implement it and augment your business scale. Armed with expert skill sets, MatrixHub Technology, the leading website design company in Pune, would strive to make your business grow by designing an aesthetic and fully functional responsive website for your company.


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